Clinical and neuropsychological findings and perfusion and glucose metabolism patterns in patients

PatientPOB SPECTPOB PETNon-PO SPECTNon-PO PETClinical findingsNeuropsychological deficitsInterval trauma - SPECT (months)Interval SPECT - PET (days)
1++++Visual symptoms, headache, neck painMemory, concentration63 months175 days
2+++hfR++Visual symptoms, headache, neck painVerbal memory, learning 3 months 41 days
3+++Visual symptoms, headache, neck pain, sleep disturbancesMemory, concentration11 months 18 days
4+++parL+, temL+Visual symptoms, headache, neck pain, brachialgia, lumbagoAttention, memory, concentration27 months 33 days
5++temB+temB+, cblB++, brst++Neck pain, brachialgiaCognitive multitasks, mental rotation, reaction, attention 9 months 22 days
6ofB+, temB+, parB+ofB++, hfB+, parL++, brst+Headache, back pain, depressionMemory, concentration 6 months 11 days
  • + reduction of metabolism >1 SD v controls; ++ reduction of metabolism >2 SD v controls; B=both sides; R=right side; L=left side. For further abbreviations see text.