Table 2

Clinical features and sural nerve biopsy in 23 patients with CIDP and 41 patients with another diagnosis: sensitivity, specificity, and positive LR for the diagnosis of CIDP

Clinical featureSensitivitySpecificityPositive LR for CIDP
(1) Remitting course0.390.883.21
(2) Symmetric sensorimotor neuropathy0.700.783.17
(3) Areflexia0.520.802.67
(4) Raised CSF protein concentration (>0.5 g/l)0.870.441.55
  Highly raised (>1 g/l)0.570.884.63
(5) Neurophysiological studies consistent with CIDP0.870.855.94
(6) Absence of comorbidity0.650.631.78
(7) Sural nerve biopsy consistent with CIDP0.610.782.77