Table 3

Logistic regression models to predict CIDP with six clinical features and sural nerve biopsy in a group of 64 patients in whom CIDP was considered in the differential diagnosis

Clinical featureModel 1: after entering six clinical featuresModel 2: after entering the significant (p⩽0.20) clinical features, as identified in the first model, and sural nerve biopsy
ORP Value3-150ORP Value3-150
(1) Remitting course1.60.70
(2) Symmetric sensorimotor neuropathy5.
(3) Areflexia1.30.80
(4) Raised CSF protein concentration (0.5–1.0 g/l)
  Highly raised (>1 g/l)38.50.0158.10.01
(5) Neurophysiological studies consistent with CIDP51.70.00361.80.002
(6) Absence of comorbidity31.50.0336.60.02
(7) Sural nerve biopsy consistent with CIDP2.20.42
  • Dashes indicate that these factors were not entered into the model

  • 3-150 Calculated with Wald statistics.