Table 1

Patient details (clinical assessment used the Hunt and Hess grading system; Glasgow coma scores (GCS) were not assigned when focal neurology was causing verbal impairment)

Case NoSexAgeFisher gradeAneurysm siteTreatmentTiming of MR studySymptoms at time of MR study
1M313ACoAClipped day 1Day 10213Confused: no focal signs
2F493ACoAClipped day 1Day 3115None
3F584Right MCAEmbolised day 10Day 13412left hemiplegia
Day 19315Improving left hemiparesis
4F623Left MCAEmbolised day 10Day 134-Drowsy, dysphasic, right hemiplegia
Day 273-Alert, dysphasic, improving hemiparesis
5F443PericallosalClipped day 1Day 43-Mute, left hemiplegia
6F543ACoAEmbolised day 2Day 5115Fully resolved right hemiparesis
7F634Right ant choroidalNot securedDay 9410Drowsy, left hemiplegia
8F443Left ant choroidalEmbolised day 5Day 152-Residual expressive dysphasia, resolved right arm monoparesis
9F332Left MCA and left opthalmicEmbolised day 2Day 123-Dysphasic, dysgraphic, amnesic
Day 15115Symptoms fully resolved
10F443Basilar 2° AVMEmbolised day 24Day 263-Mute, improving bilateral weakness, but residual right sided signs
11F543ACoAEmbolised day 1Day 9313Confused: left leg monoplegia
Day 14 315Residual left leg monoparesis
  • ACoA=anterior communicating artery; Ant choroidal=anterior choroidal artery; MCA=middle cerebral artery; AVM=arteriovenous malformation.