Table 2

Patient investigations

Case NoVasospasmT2 imaging changesParenchymal enhancementMRSCBV
1DiffuseDSA day 9Cortical, moderate, right MCA territory, Deep, left caudateNot performedNot performedDecreased
2NoneDSA day 1,
TCD day 3
Cortical, moderate, left MCA territory, Deep, left caudateNoneNot performedDecreased
3Right MCA and ACADSA day 10Cortical, pronounced, right MCA territoryNoneNot performedIncreased
2nd studyPartial resolutionModerateNot performedFurther increase
4Diffuse: left MCA, ACA and vertebro-basilarDSA day 10Cortical, pronounced, left MCA territoryNoneIncreased lactate decreased NAAIncrease
2nd studyPartial resolutionPronouncedPartial recovery NAAIncrease resolving
5Right MCATCD day 4Cortical, pronounced parasagittal and moderate right MCA territory changesNoneIncreased lactateIncreased
6Left MCA and ACADSA day 3Cortical, moderate, left MCA territoryNoneNot performedNS
7Right MCA DSA day 7Cortical, pronounced, right MCA territoryNoneDecreased NAANS
8Left MCA and ACADSA day 12Cortical, moderate, left MCA territoryNoneNormalIncreased
9NoneDSA day 11Cortical, pronounced, left temporal lobeNoneIncreased lactateIncreased
2nd studyUnchangedNoneNormalIncrease resolving
10Presumed: clinical deterioration with hypodense areas on CTday 8Cortical, pronounced right frontal and moderate left MCA territory changesPronouncedNormalNS
11Right MCA and bilateral ACATCD day 10Cortical, pronounced parasagittal and moderate Rt MCA territory changesNoneIncreased lactateDecrease
2nd studyPartial resolutionModerateLactate resolvingDecrease resolving
  • ACA=anterior cerebral artery; MCA=middle cerebral artery; DSA=digital subtraction angiogram; TCD=transcranial Doppler ultrasonography; CT=computed tomography; MRS=proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy; NAA=N-acetyl aspartate; NS refers to a non-significant asymmetry in relative cerebral blood volume (CBV).