Table 4

Comparison of patients with axonal and demyelinating neuropathy associated with monoclonal gammopathy: response to treatment and outcome

 A-MGUS  (n= 16)  Mean  (SD) D-MGUS  (n=20)  Mean  (SD)P value
Response to treatment4-150:
 Response to plasma  exchange 2/7 13/170.01
 Response to IVIg 0/5 5/13NS
 Response to steroids 1/7 2/8NS
 Follow up average
MRC score
 4.5 (0.51) 4.5 (0.54)NS
 Follow up Rankin score 2.2 (0.98) 2.1 (0.94)NS
 Mean change in Rankin  score after treatment 0.13 -0.750.004
 Progressive 15 14NS
 Relapsing 1 6NS
  • MGUS = Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance.

  • 4-150 Several patients with a relapsing course were treated and responded to more than one treatment modality. The Mann-Whitney independent rank sum test was used to compare ordinal and continuous variables. Fisher’s exact test was used to compare categorical responses.