Table 2

Demographic features and distribution of risk factors in control outpatients according to the diagnostic category

Hemifacial spasmSciatalgiaGastroenterological disease
No (M/F)106  (32/74)51  (20/31)45  (21/24)
Mean age (SD)57.4 (9.6)52.7 (11.352.2 (15.9)
Mean disease duration (SD)3.0 (1.1)2.7 (0.9)3.2 (1.4)
Education level > 5th grade241011
Marital status (married-cohabitant)783634
Life events291915
Cigarette smoking (current smokers)281915
Wine drinking (current drinkers)392319
Manual work381915
Factory toxic substances1143
Head or face trauma without loss of consciousness522
Head or face trauma with loss of consciousness311
Neck or trunk trauma201
Arm trauma754
Leg trauma332
Diabetes 533
Hypertension 362-150 77
Thyroid diseases431
Eye diseases765
Other diseases20128
General anaesthesia251110
Family history of:
  • 2-150 p<0.05; significantly different from the other diagnostic categories.