Table 2

Summarised results of neuroimaging findings

Patient NoScanCT findingsMRI findings
1(1)↑↑Bil P, C↑↑Bil P, CIso
(2)↑Bil C↑Bil P, C↓Bil P
2(1)↑↑ L P↑↑L PIso
(2)Iso↑L P↓L P
3(1)↑↑Bil P, C↑↑Bil P, CIso
(2)↑Bil P, C↑ Bil P, C↓Bil P, C
4(1)↑↑L P↑↑L PIso
(2)Iso↑ L PIso
5(1)↑↑L P↑↑L PIso
(2)IsoIso↓L P
  • ↑↑ = moderately, ↑ = mildly increased signal intensity or density; ↓↓ = moderately, ↓ = mildly decreased signal intensity or density; L = left; R = right; Bil = bilateral; P = putamen; C = head of caudate nucleus; Iso = normal density or signal intensity.