Table 1

Clinical characteristics of patients with Parkinson’s disease without orthostatic hypotension (OH), with asymtomatic OH (defined as a systolic blood pressure (SBP) fall ⩾20 mm Hg without postural symptoms) and with symptomatic OH (both a decrease >20 mm Hg in SBP and at least one related symptom)

Age (y)% of menDD (y)H and YΔSBP (mm Hg)Levodopa(mg/day)Bromocriptine (mg/day)
Without OH (n=38)64 (0)57.97  (6)I:13; II:20 III:5;IV:09  (6)611  (521)39 (17)
Asymptomatic OH (n=35)68 (9)57.17  (6)I:5; II:20 III:9;IV:11-150 30 (9)1-150 590  (412)42 (19)1-150
Symptomatic OH (n=18)67 (9)66.712 (6)1-150 I:3;II:9 III:5;IV:11-150 46 (17)1-150 1069 (754)1-150 74 (26)1-150
  • 1-150 P<0.05 v OH. P<0.05 v patients with asymptomatic OH.

  • Values are mean (SD). DD=disease duration; H and Y=Hoehn and Yahr stage; ΔSBP=systolic blood pressure fall when standing; Levodopa=daily dose + dopa-decarboxylase inhibitor.