Table 2

Number of patients with and without orthostatic hypotension (OH) (defined as a fall of at least 20 mm Hg systolic blood pressure) presenting at least one symptom related to orthostatism or needing standing test abortion

With OH (n=53)Without OH (n=38)RR ( 95% CI)
Decreased hearing110.86 (0.21–3.46)
Tired legs10NC
Standing test abortion40NC
Lightheadedness62-150 0NC
Blurred vision72-150 0NC
Asthenia or fainting102-150 0NC
Dizziness or vertigo182-150 11.95 (1.50–2.53)
Dysequilibrium or postural instability182-150 11.95 (1.50–2.53)
  • 2-150 Found to be related to blood pressure fall. NC=not calculable.

  • The repetitive symptoms were regrouped according to the Cronbach α coefficient (see methods).