Table 1

Patient characteristics

Case NoH and H on admissionCT Fisher gradeAneurysm locationMD probe locationMD daysAneurysm surgery dayGOS
3 months
1IV4ACoAR frontal1 - 93SD
2II2L MCAR frontal1 - 93SD
3III4ACoAR frontal2-103MoD
4II4R ICAL frontal2 - 83GR
  • H and H = Hunt and Hess; CT = computerised tomography; AcoA = anterior communicating artery; MCA = middle cerebral artery; ICA = internal carotid; R/L = right/left hemisphere; MD = microdialysis; MD days = duration of microdialysis measurement; GOS = Glasgow outcome scale (SD, severe disability; MoD, moderate disability; GR, good recovery). For further explanation see text.