Table 1

Patients’ clinical and angiographic characteristics

Case No First symptoms IIH Symptoms IIH Sp/onset (y) Type Location Drainage of the fistula with reflux in: Sinus anomalies
1IIHHeadache Visual obscurations0IIaSSSSSS, left TSRight TS thrombosis
2Tinnitus, IHVisual acuity loss Papilloedema0IRight TSNo RefluxAbsence of left TS
3IHHeadache Visual obscurations Visual acuity loss0IIa+bRight TSLeft TS, SS, cortical veinsThrombosis of right TS and SSS, straight stenosis of left TS
4IHHeadache Visual acuity loss Papilloedema0IIa+bRight TSLeft TSThrombosis of SSS posterior third , stenosis of left TS
5TinnitusHeadache Visual acuity loss Papilloedema4IIaTorcularBoth TS, SSSNo
6IHHeadache Visual acuity loss Papilloedema0IBoth TS and torcularNo refluxNo
7IHVisual obscurations Papilloedema0IIbRight TSCortical veins, SSSRight TS stenosis up and downstream
8Tinnitus, IHHeadache VIth nerve palsy Papilloedema0IIa+bLeft TSRight TS, SSSNo
9SeizureVisual acuity loss Optic atrophy9IIa+bTorcularSSS, cortical veinsStenosis of both TS
10Frontal superficial veins dilatationVisual acuity loss Optic atrophy13IIaSSSBoth TS, SS, ISSStraight stenosis of both TS
11Tinnitus , IHVisual acuity loss Optic atrophy0IIaRight TSSSS, left TSStenosis of right TS
12IHDiplopia Visual acuity loss Papilloedema0IIaLeft TSSSS, right TSLeft TS thrombosis
13TinnitusHeadache Visual obscurations Papilloedema0.5-IIa-IIa-IIbLeft TSTorcular Cavernous sinusRight TS SSS vein of TrolarNo
Patterns of cerebral venous drainage Follow up (y) Complications
Extremely prolonged, via SPS, sphenoparietal S, SOV, meningeal veins15Chronic tonsilar herniation
Prolonged via SSS and right TS1
Extremely prolonged, via cavernous sinus and meningeal veins3Acute tonsilar herniation (coma) after lumboperitoneal shunting
Prolonged via diploic and facial superficial veins, cavernous S, SOV0.5
Prolonged via SSS, SPS, cavernous S6
Prolonged, via SSS, SS, both TS1
Prolonged, via SSS, Left TS19
Prolonged, via SSS, rigth TS2
Prolonged SSS, sphenoparietal S, cavernous S23
Extremely prolonged, via cav S and meningeal veins16Chronic tonsilar herniation
Extremely prolonged, via cav S and meningeal veins8Acute tonsilar herniation (death) after lumboperitoneal shunting
Prolonged via SSS and right TS3
Prolonged via straight S, right TS, meningeal veins0.5Acute confusion after lumbar puncture regressive after embolisation