Table 2

Normalised entorhinal cortical volumes in patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) with (ε4+) and without (ε4−) the ApoE ε4−allele and in control subjects

ControlsAD ε4−AD ε4+
Entorhinal cortex, left1281 (251)954 (160)695 (221)
Female1259 (229)916 (125)572 (236)
Male1323 (294)999 (199)769 (185)
Entorhinal cortex, right1461 (231)1037 (232)898 (284)
Female1511 (232)1064 (267)684 (143)
Male1371 (209)1005 (208)1026 (273)
  • Volumes are presented as mean (SD). All volumes are normalised to the individual intracranial area (ICA) at the level of the anterior commissura. MANOVA for repeated measures showed significant main effect of group (F=53.32, p=0.0001), side (F=12.96, p=0.001) and interaction between group and sex (F=3.34, p=0.043) for the entorhinal cortex.