Table 1

Description of parkinsonian patients (PD) and age matched control group (CS)

SubjectSexAgeHoehn and Yahr scaleDisease duration (y)Predominant symptomMedicationHours off drugs
 PD1M56II18T, BD, O, A16
 PD2F75III4R, BBr, D, S16
 PD3M78II1T, RS, Tr15
 PD4M78III7R, T, BD, Br, Tr15
 PD5M82II7RD, Br, S21
 PD6F77III9T, BD, A, Tr, S4.5
 PD7M77III3R, T, BD, Br15
 PD8F66II5R, BD, Br, A17
 PD9M79II4T, RD36
  • B=bradykinesia; R=rigidity; T=tremor; A=amantadine; Br=bromocriptine; D=levodopa/carbidopa; O=orphenadine; S=selegiline; Tr=trihexyphenidyl.