Table 2

Paired t test comparisons of the effect of removal of CSF on polysomnographic variables

PolysomnographiaBefore CSF removal (n=15)After CSF removal (n=15)
Mean95% CIMean95% CI
Total sleep time (min)331278-384370330-411
Stage 1 (%)3427-413223-40
Stage 2 (%)4539-524537-52
REM stage (%)105-14129-15
Delta stage (%)116-16128-15
Awakenings (n)3024-353123-38
Wakenings after onset of sleep (min)116130-20214296-187
RDI18.111.0-25.126.72-150 18.9-34.5
  • 2-150 p < 0.05 v investigation before removal of CSF.