Table 1

Features of patients

PatientsAge (y)SexDuration (days)MMSEMotor score1-150Sensory score1-150Visual score1-150CT1-151
362F25283/23/33/0post Th,ic
  • 1-150 Severity of neurological impairment ranged from 0 (no impairment) to 3 (plegia, anaesthesia, quadrantanopia); the first number refers to the left upper limb or quadrant and the second to left lower limb or quadrant.

  • 1-151 Sites of lesions in the right hemisphere.

  • MMSE=mini mental state examination (max=30); P=parietal lobe; T=temporal lobe;

  • n=caudate nucleus; ic=internal capsule, postTh=posterior thalamus.