Lesion location and cancellation and line bisection results

Patient NoCerebral lesionCancellation omissions (%)Mean line bisection errors (mm)1-151Mean error difference (positive lines− negative lines)
Positive linesNegative lines
1TPO infarct39113.396.816.51-150
2BG haem2184.431.552.91-150
3FP infarct7−6.4−1.1−5.31-150
4FTP haem4−3.12.3−5.4
5TPO infarct32110.865.245.61-150
6P infarct670.283.5−13.31-150
7FTP haem7−4.4−5.51.1
8FP infarct15−0.69.0−9.61-150
9T SAH25−16.320.1−36.41-150
Patient group averages1638.433.94.51-150
Control group averages0−0.5−0.90.4
  • 1-150 p<0.05 Significant line orientation effect (matched pairt test, one tailed).

  • 1-151 Values are to the right of true midpoint unless preceded by a − sign.

  • BG=basal ganglia; haem=haemorrhage; F=frontal; P= parietal; O=occipital; T=temporal; SAH=subarachnoid haemorrhage.