Table 2

Details of children with arterial stroke in whom inherited prothrombotic abnormalities were identified

Patient NoProthrombotic abnormalityCerebrovascular abnormalitiesOther risk factors for strokeOther family members affected
1Type 1 protein S deficiency (low
 free and total protein S)
2APC resistance; no FVL mutationNoneFamilial hypercholesterolaemiaFather and brother
3FVL heterozygoteMoyamoyaNoonan syndrome, supravalvular
 aortic stenosis
Not known
4FVL heterozygoteMCA stenosisNoneNot known (father
 died after stroke)
5FVL heterozygoteMCA occlusionNoneBrother
6FVL heterozygoteICA occlusionNoneNot known
7FVL heterozygoteNoneNoneFather
8FVL heterozygoteICA stenosisNoneNot known
  • FVL=factor V Leiden mutation; ICA=internal carotid artery; MCA=middle cerebral artery.