Table 1

Current series: clinical, EEG, and neuropsychological features

CaseAgeSexHistory (duration)AttacksAttack (duration)Repetitive questioningSleep relatedEEG findingsRx responseOther epilepsyTEA auraFocal retrograde amnesia
163M3 y201 h+++ CBZsps+/−+
249M4 months12<1 h+++Bilateral+ CBZsps+/−+
368M8 months5h-days+++Bilateral+ SVPsps,cps+
466F145<1 h⩾1 h+++LE CBZ
579M15 months3h-days+++BilateralE CBZ+
670M2 y13<1 h++Polyrno Rxsps+/−
773M6 months51-2 h+Polyr+ P
860M6 months3<1 h⩾1 h+++ SVPtcl+
969M4 months3<1 h+++ CBZcps+/−+
1056M9 months20<1 h+++ CBZcps, tcl+
  • Polyr = polyrhythmic abnormalities present; Rx response = treatment response (+ = abolition or substantial reduction of episodes, E = equivocal reduction, CBZ = carbamazepine; P = phenytoin, SVP = sodium valproate); sps = simple partial seizures; cps = complex partial seizures; tcl = tonic-clonic seizures; TEA aura = occurrence of co-occurring seizure type as prodrome of amesic episode (+ = co-occurring seizure type always precedes TEA, +/− = co-occurring seizure type sometimes precedes TEA, − = no co-occurring seizure type).