Table 3

Previously reported cases: clinical, EEG, and neuropsychological features

ReferenceAgeSexHistory (duration)Attacks (n)Attack (duration)Repetitive questioningSleep relatedEEG findingsRx responseOther epilepsyTEA auraFocal retrograde amnesiaMemory tests
Lou50 61M?915 min⩾h+++R+ OXZAnt
Shuping24 60M?3<1 h??tclND
Deisenhammer23 11F1 month4<1 h+++R+ CBZND
Duganet al 3 82M2 months33–4 h+?+Bilateral+ PND
Pritchard et al 4:
 i65M4 y10<15 min?+Bilateral+ P?ND
 ii64M6 months31–24 h?+Bilateral+ CBZ?ND
Meador et al 25 47F10 months2<1 h+Bilateral+ P/surgcpsNormal
Galassi et al 12 67M2 y25<1 h++ThetaRE Psps/cps+Imp memVerb
Gallassi et al 36:
 i70F3 y2-3/weeks<1 h+?+R+ CBZcps+Imp memVis/verb
 ii66M2 y1/m<1 h+?ThetaL+ CBZcps+Imp memVerb
Miller et al 5:
 i62M14 months8<30 mins+++Bilateral+ PND
 ii22?WeeksSeveral<1 h??+L+ ?cps+/−?ND
Stracciari et al 13 70F8 months810 min–7 h++L+ CBZcps+/−Imp memVis/verb
Kapur37 74M5 y2030 min⩾h?++Bilateral?cps+/−+Retro
 i63F3 y35Mins⩾h?ThetaL+ SVPcps+/−Imp memVis/retro
 ii67F4 months630 min–1 h?ThetaL+ PNormal
 iii28M?201–2 day+++Bilateral+ CBZ/Pcps+/−?Vis/verb
 iv61F?2Min?++L+ CBZcps+/−Imp mem?
 v60M3 yMany10–15 min+?+Bilateral+ CBZsps, cps+?Verb
 vi54M21 months830 min–1 h+?+Bilateral+ Pcps+/−+Ant
Vuilleumier et al 34 41F⩾20 yManyHours++Bilateral+ CBZsps+Normal
  • Rx response = treatment response (+ = abolition or substantial reduction of episodes, E = equivocal reduction, CBZ = carbamazepine, P = phenytoin, SVP = sodium valproate, OXZ = oxazepam, surg = surgery); other epilepsy = other co-occurring seizure types, (sps = simple partial seizures, cps = complex partial seizures, tcl = tonic-clonic seizures); TEA aura = occurrence of co-occurring seizure type as prodrome of amesic episode, (+ = co-occurring seizure type always precedes TEA, +/− = co-occurring seizure type sometimes precedes TEA, − = no co-occurring seizure type); Imp mem = complaint of impaired memory not further specified; vis/verb = deficits on tests of anterograde visual/verbal memory; ant = anterograde memory impairment not further specified; retro = deficits on tests of retrograde memory.