Table 4

Average costs in ECU* of 4 weeks of medical services, social assistance and pharmaceutical products for an outpatient

Disability grade
               I     II   IIIIV
Residence Home Home Home SH Home SH
Medical doctors
 Occupational therapist4.
 Speech therapist0.912.5
Total medical services33.3144.5278.7384.1782.9665.6
Social assistance
 Social worker6.20.82.837.7
 Home care14.1125.0364.6105.3642.4
 ADL help381.61229.8
Total social assistance20.3125.8746.2108.11909.9
Drugs and nursing aids14.644.170.5133.5132.1371.3
Total ambulatory costs47.8209.0475.01263.81023.12946.8
  • 1£ = 1.5 ECU.