Table 6

Yearly cost per patient for house and automobile adaptions, mobility aids, prosthetics, and adaptive devices

Disability grade
Residence Home Home Home SH Home SH
Adaptions of house, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom:
 Mean number per patient in 5 years0.181.311.5701.140
 Mean price of adaption277514692.159014190
 Costs per patient per year10038567803240
Adaptions of automobile:
 Mean number per patient in 5 years00.170.5400.33
 Mean price of adaption0165010130052810
 Costs per patient per year056109402990
Mobility aids: crutches, wheelchairs:
 Mean number per patient in 5 years01.121.912.672.241.33
 Mean price of adaption0459931016580
 Costs per patient per year0103356497743441
Prosthetics and devices:
 Mean number per patient in 5 years01.191.042.333.756
 Mean price of adaption039659104960
 Costs per patient per year094123275354596