Table 1

Sensitivity and specificity of CSF-tau in a population based sample

GroupNoCSF-tau (pg/ml) (mean (SD))Increase (%)Sensitivity (%)Specificity (%)Positive predictive value (%)
AD43796 (382)4199548
MIX11756 (296)398100
VAD21708 (382)37314
ALS9386 (135)20333
Neurological controls18356 (193)18756
Healthy controls18190 (57)94
  • CSF = cerebrospinal fluid; AD = Alzheimer’s disease; MIX = mixed Alzheimer and vascular dementia; VAD = vascular dementia; ALS = amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; sensitivity = proportion of AD cases with high CSF-tau concentrations; specificity = proportion of patients with other diagnoses with normal CSF-tau concentrations; positive predictive value = proportion of correctly diagnosed AD patients of all studied (diseased) patients.