Table 2

CSF-tau protein: sensitivity and specificity for Alzheimer’s disease

GroupsNoMean (pg/ml)Cut off (pg/ml)Sensitivity (%)Specificity (%)MethodStudy
AD37407 (241)59AthenaMotter et al 9
Healthcontrols20212 (102)31295
Other neurological disorder32168 (63)97
AD71361 (166)39AthenaVigo Pelfrey et al 10
Neurological controls59190 (80)400100
Non-AD dementia25235 (104)96
Other neurological disorder26193 (127)88
AD (mildly demented)36509 (255)81AthenaGalasko et al 19
Healthy controls14177 (82)312.00NG
Non-AD dementia9166 (43)NG
Other neurological disorder10160 (69)NG
AD241430 (739)∼130046Munroe et al 15(Athena antibodies)Munroe et al 15
Healthy controls14816 (355)79
Neurological controls26790 (579)92
Other neurological disorder13810 (441)85
AD2710.9 (4.9)81Innogenetics (AT120 + Polycl)Vandermeerenet al 5
Healthy controls510.1 (0.55)1.196
Other neurological disorder1293.9 (7.4)64
AD6977.2 (45.5)99Innogenetics
(1st generation)
Araiet al 6
Healthy controls199.0 (4.5)22.6100
Parkinson’s disease715.6 (7.7)86
ALS418.2 (10.1)75
Cerebrovascular disorder1923.4 (33.1)84
AIDS449.6 (37.6)25
Meningoencephalitis3530.1 (43.4)∼60
Epilepsy614.2 (10.6)83
Other neurological disorder2132.8 (49.2)∼67
AD1970 (8)NGNGInnogenetics
(1st generation)
Hocket al 16
Neurological controls1827 (4)NG
AD23279 (100)NGInnogeneticsTato et al 11
Neurological controls2326 (11)NG
MID (DSM-III-R)3688 (61)NG
Familial AD8346 (136)100Innogenetics (tau/g protein)Jensen et al 8
Sporadic AD7370 (129)95
Neurological controls2251 (26)18093
Other neurological disorder31155 (146)87
AD44540 (280)84Innogenetics
(2nd generation)
Blennowet al 7
Healthy controls31185 (50)25897
VAD (NINDS-AIREN)17445 (195)24
Frontal lobe dementia11275 (131)64
Parkinson’s disease15216 (105)73
Depression10108 (13)100
AD11254 (113)NGInnogenetics
(2nd generation)
Skooget al 13 (population based study of 85 year olds)
Non-demented35171 (78)
AD (mildly demented)22565 (median)NGNGInnogenetics
(2nd generation)
Riemenschneider et al 17
Healthy controls19160 (median)NGNG
AD16∼325 (mean)22588Innogenetics
(2nd generation)
Rosleret al 18
Neurological controls10∼125 (mean)100
Depression11∼150 (mean)91
Other neurological disorder20∼200 (mean)80
AD14820 (90)100Mori et al 12 Moriet al 12
Healthy controls36380 (120)∼60094
Cerebrovascular disorder12∼4-500100
  • AD = Alzheimer’s disease; ALS = amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; AIDS = acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; MID = multi-infarct dementia; VAD = vascular dementia; NG = not given.

  • Healthy controls = people without symptoms or signs of brain disorders, including cognitive symptoms. Neurological controls = patients with minor neurological or psychiatric disorders (for example, headache, depression). Other neurological disorders = for example, multiple sclerosis, stroke, ALS, inflammatory disorders, hydrocephalus. In the 1st generation of the innogenetics assay, a technical error in the determination of the tau standard gave rise to 6.9 times falsely low CSF-tau values.