Table 3

Patient characteristics and summary of clinical findings of Guillain-Barré syndrome(GBS) variants

No Sex Age Clinical features Protein
Days from onset Summary of neurophysiological evaluation
1F27Facial diplegia with distal hypopallaesthesia and paraesthesias12818Axonal (sensory) and demyelinating (motor)
2F47Facial diplegia, dysarthria, perioral paraesthesias, distal hypopallaesthesia in the legs15017Demyelinating
3M68Facial diplegia, hypogeusia, low back pain, hypopallaesthesia in the legs, areflexia, autonomic dysfunction4925Demyelinating
4M36Facial diplegia and paraesthesias, distal upper limb paraesthesias, pelvic girdle pain1774Demyelinating
5F29Bifacial weakness with proximal upper limb hyposthenia10005Axonal
6F52Asymmetric motor defect, pain, paraesthesias, nystagmus, areflexia, hypopallaesthesia6415Axonal
7M53Upper limb motor defect with cervical pain142014Axonal
8M62Pure sensory defect6329Demyelinating
9F58Bilateral ptosis, motor-sensory defect, absent ankle reflexes, hyperactive knee and upper limb reflexes6615Axonal (sensory) and demyelinating (motor)
10F73Motor-sensory defect, abdominal hypaesthesia, sensory ataxia211024Axonal
11F65Dysphonia, dysarthria, dysphagia, bifacial weakness, hyposthenia of cervical and upper limb muscles, brisk tendon reflexes, bilateral Babinski’s sign516Axonal