Table 1

Clinical characterisation of the headache and the accompanying symptoms

Patients (n)20
Mean age (y, range)44 (20–61)
Male:female ratio1:19
Duration of headache4 h 48 min
 (mean (range))(2 h 30 min—9 h 30 min)
Lateralisation of headache80% unilateral (n=16)
20% bilateral (n=4)
Intensity of headache70% moderate (n=14)
30% severe (n=6)
Quality of pain30% throbbing (n=6)
50% pressing (n=10)
20% missing values (n=4)
Worsening by physical activity95% (n=19)
Nausea85% (n=17)
Vomiting25% (n=5)
Photophobia90% (n=18)
Phonophobia55% (n=11)