Table 1

Course of DSM-IV symptoms for diagnosis of autistic disorder according to autism diagnosis interview scores

DSM-IV items4–5 y13 y
Social interaction
Failure to use non-verbal behaviours to regulate social interaction (/6)32
Failure to develop peer relationships (/10)63
Lack of shared enjoyment (/6)41
Lack of socioemotional reciprocity (/10)53
Total (cut off=10)1-150 189
Delay in spoken language and failure to compensate through gesture (/8)43
Lack of varied spontaneous make believe or social imitative play (/6)64
Relative failure to initiate or sustain conversational interchange (/4)23
Stereotyped, repetitive, or idiosyncratic speech (/8)13
Total (cut off=8)1313
Repetitive behaviours and stereotyped patterns
Encompassing preoccupation or circumscribed pattern of interest (/4)44
Compulsive adherences to non-functional routines or rituals (/4)22
Stereotyped and repetitive motor mannerisms (/2)11
Preoccupation with parts of objects (/2)22
Total (cut off=3)99
  • 1-150 Value above which an area is considered sufficiently impaired for the diagnosis of autism.