Table 2

Treatment and clinical outcome of patients with limb shaking transient ischaemic attacks

Patient NoTreatmentOutcome
1Conservative2-150 Patient declined STA-MCA bypass surgery. Limb shaking TIAs disappeared spontaneously after three months, and did not recur during the next two years
2Endarterectomy L ICAPatient developed postoperatively hypertensive blood pressures (up to 240/130 mm Hg) and died six days after surgery of massive L hemispheric haemorrhage
3Conservative2-150 No cardiovascular surgery was planned as diagnostic investigation disclosed inoperable epidermoid carcinoma of the lung with mediastinal metastases. Limb shaking TIAs continued until the patient died eight months later
4Endarterectomy R ICANo further episodes of limb shaking TIAs occurred over 6 years
5Conservative2-150 Patient declined STA-MCA bypass surgery, although limb shaking TIAs kept her bedridden; died six months later from a major stroke of the R hemisphere
  • ICA=interal carotid artery; L=left; R=right; STA-MCA=superficial temporal artery—middle cerebral artery; TIA=transient ischemic attack.

  • 2-150 Blood pressure was maintained in the upper normal range and aspirin was administered.