Table 1

 Clinical details of the patients with incomplete spinal cord injury

Patient NoAge (y)SexNeurological level (side tested)ASIA gradeCause of injuryDuration of injury (days)Anti- spasticity medicationSensory score light touch (/112)Sensory score pin-prick (/112)Motor score (/100)Motor grade C8 (/5)Motor grade T1 (/5)Thenar MVC (N)
147MC4 (R)DT717Ba/da6461834451
230MC5 (R)DT562Ba6464753341
341MC7 (R)DT635Nil11296934477
449MC6 (R)DT346Nil112112995581
566MC5 (R)DT201Nil112112903227
649MC5 (L)DT193Nil11268863228
  • Neurological assessment was according to the international standards for neurological and functional classification of spinal cord injury.[23] Higher scores in sensorimotor tests indicate more normal function. M=male; L=left; R=right; T=traumatic; Ba=baclofen; da=dantrolene; ASIA=American Spinal Injuries Association.