Clinical features of anti-amphiphysin positive patients with paraneoplastic neurological disorders

PatientAge/sexClinical syndromeHu-AbTime (months) PND/tumourCancerOutcome
160/FSensorimotor neuropathyYes−23SCLCNecropsy: PEM/SN1-151
258/MPEM/SNYes −7SCLCNecropsy: PEM/SN1-151
371/MPEM/SN and LEMSYes−17SCLCNecropsy: PEM/SN1-151
464/MSensory neuropathyNo1-150  0SCLCDeath: pulmonary embolus
564/MCerebellar syndromeNo−18SCLCAlive for 7 years
674/MOpsoclonus/myoclonusNo1-150  −1SCLCNecropsy: perivascular/meningeal inflammatory infiltrates. Moderate neuronal loss in dentate nucleus and Purkinje cells
780/FSensory neuropathyYesn.a.NoneNecropsy: PEM/SN**
  • PEM/SN=Paraneoplastic encephalomyelitis/sensory neuronopathy; LEMS=Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome; SCLC=small cell lung carcinoma; NA=not applicable.

  • 1-150 Patients had low titre of Hu-Ab similar to that found in 16% of SCLC without paraneoplastic neurological disorders.11

  • 1-151 Necropsy findings typical of PEM/SN with multifocal inflammatory infiltrates, reactive gliosis, and neuronal loss.