Table 1

Patient details and mean spine densities (spines/mm dendrite) on layer III pyramidal neurons in the cerebral cortex of schizophrenic patients and non-schizophrenic controls

Patient NoAgeSexOnsetCODPMITemporal spine densityAreaFrontal spine densityArea
 150MMI1716510, 11
 252MRTA2437038, 22 (×2)12610, 11
 562MMI638138 (x2)
 665MHead injury243622246410
 866FMI524038 (x2)
 1077MHead injury2439010, 11
Non-schizophrenic psychosis:
Schizophrenics (CX group):
 1244M32Pneumonia45821, 38
 1356M26PE138138 (×2)
 1461MOes varices9613838
 1771M24Volvulus514420, 21 (×2), 2213610, 45
 1876M40MI4811620, 21 (×2)12810, 45
Schizophrenics (archive group):
 2383MMI; old CVA18h10738
All schizophrenics:
  • COD=cause of death; CVA=cerebrovascular accident; MI=myocardial infarction; RTA=road traffic accident; PE=pulmonary embolism; Oes=oesophageal; PMI=postmortem interval (in hours); Onset=age at onset of schizophrenia; Area=Brodmann area from which blocks were analysed in individual cases.