Table 2

Relation between clinical signs and surgical outcome

Symptom or signOutcome
( n=20)
Poor (n=17)p Value
Aura911 0.231
Staring1210 0.942
Vocalisation115 0.117
Incontinence8 4 0.286
Secondarily generalised seizures880.666
Autonomic features6110.035*
Oroalimentary automatisms520.416
Cursive automatisms610.097
Bimanual/bipedal automatisms890.431
Contralateral head version190.002*
Ipsilateral head version420.667
Eye deviation (any direction)5100.037*
Myoclonias or clonic movements8110.134
Posturing1311 0.985
Postictal confusion670.478
Postictal dysphasia331.000
Todd’s paralysis240.383
  • The significance level accepted as suggesting statistical differences between favourable and poor outcome was p<0.05. Variables found to be associated with either favourable or poor outcome are indicated with an asterisk.