Table 3

Nerve conduction studies in patients 3 and 19 (group A). Conduction studies were performed with needle electrodes according to Behse and Buchtal32

Patient 3Patient 19Normal values
Median nerve:    
 Motor conduction
  Distal latency (ms)3.7 4 3.93-150
  Distal potential amplitude (mV)1221.183-151
  Conduction velocity (m/s):
 Sensory conduction:
  Potential amplitude (μV)
   At wrist8.810.363-151
   At elbow2.56.32.53-151
 Conduction velocity (m/s):
  Digit III-wrist 42.5 49 513-151
  Wrist-elbow64.1 58.2 603-151
Tibial nerve:
 Motor conduction
  Distal latency (ms) 6.7 4.14.83-150
  Distal potential amplitude (mV) 4.85 6.663-151
  Conduction velocity (m/s)
  Popliteal fossa-internal malleolus 40.2 44.2 523-151
 Sensory conduction
  Potential amplitude (μV)
  At internal malleolus0.50.620.33-151
  At popliteal fossa0.50.330.23-151
 Conduction velocity (m/s)
  1st toe-internal malleolus 30.7 30.3 383-151
  Internal malleolus-popliteal fossa55.752.8493-151
  • 3-150 Upper limits of the normal range.

  • 3-151 Lower limits of the normal range.

  • Pathological values are italicised.