Table 2

Correlation coefficients between test scores and their significance values

STAI-X1 scoreSTAI-X2 scorePain intensity at the time of testing Divided attention scoreWorking memory score
BDI score r=0.4569, p=0.037 r=0.6272, p=0.002 r=0.2521, p=0.270 r=−0.1448, p=0.531 r=−0.3264, p=0.149
STAI-X1 score r=0.5664, p=0.007 r=0.3510, p=0.119 r=−0.4403, p=0.046 r=−0.3792, p=0.090
STAI-X2 score r=0.3540, p=0.115 r=−0.1886, p=0.413 r=−0.3499, p=0.120
Pain intensity at the time of testing r=−0.5512, p=0.010 r=−0.0216, p=0.926
Divided attention score r=0.5662, p=0.007