Table 2

Mean neuropsychological test scores in patients with MND and controls

Patients with MNDControlsp Value
Age (y)67.311.31869.77.824NS
Education (y)9.81.31810.82.324NS
NART I.Q.106.58.613109.96.224NS
Digit span:
Verbal fluency:
Graded naming test18.66.91722.54.324p<0.1
Median Range n Median Range n p Value
Dementia rating scale139100–14417141135–14424p<0.05
Clinical dementia rating00–218
Picture naming4632–481743.538–4724NS
Word-picture matching4844–48174844–4824NS
Pyramids and palm trees5044–52175246–5224p<0.05
  • n=Number of patients tested in each group; NART=national adult reading test; MMSE=mini mental state examination; TROG=test for the reception of grammar; median scores and ranges are given for data that are not normally distributed.