Partial correlation coefficients after controlling for age, sex, education, and CDR between the WAIS-R arithmetic test and normalised regional cerebral glucose metabolism

RegionLeft sideRight side
Superior frontal gyrus0.118−0.022
Middle frontal gyrus0.1490.135
Inferior frontal gyrus0.2710.141
Basal frontal cortex−0.054−0.050
Anterior cingulate gyrus0.047−0.097
Posterior cingulate gyrus0.2170.168
Superior temporal gyrus0.147−0.008
Middle temporal gyrus0.2630.121
Inferior temporal gyrus0.3501-150 0.216
Medial temporal region−0.084−0.050
Superior parietal lobule0.3240.301
Inferior parietal lobule0.4291-150 0.302
Lateral occipital cortex0.1200.079
Medial occipital cortex0.0690.105
Lenticular nucleus−0.042−0.145
  • 1-150 p<0.00156.