Table 1

Patients without any detectable subependymal nodules (SEN) at first examination

Type of seizuresAge at first
Age at 1rst MRIRadiological findings Age at the detection of SENNo of examinations between first imaging and detection of SEN (age)Further SEGA
11 monthPS2 months6 months1 frontal tuber5 y1 (11 m) +
21 monthPS2 months1 yno lesion12 y0 -
311 monthsPS1 year18 months1 frontal tuber4 y1 (2 years) -
43 monthsIS8 months4 years2 frontal tubers4 y0 -
  • IS=Infantile spasms; PS=partial seizures; SEGA=subependymal giant cell astrocytoma