Tumour tracer uptake

T/C ratio
Operated tumours:
 All RT+ (n=13)1.31 (0.42)0.90 (0.16)
 All RT− (n=17)1.33 (0.40)0.82 (0.10)
Malignant progression:
 Yes (n=6)1.70 (0.64)a0.98 (0.23)b
 No (n=24)1.21 (0.21)0.82 (0.08)
Tumours at the time of first presentation:
 Fi AC WHO II (n=7)1.38 (0.45)c0.76 (0.17)d
 Glioblastoma (n=13)2.57 (0.88)1.25 (0.32)
  • T/C ratio=ratio of activity concentrations in tumour (T) over contralateral (C) brain. *Data of all operated patients are split by the presence/absence of malignant progression. Patients are reported on elsewhere.4FiAC=fibrillary astrocytoma WHO II. Mann-Whitney p: a=0.086; b=0.035; c=0.020; d=0.004.