Table 3

Clinical evaluation of reflexes, anal sphincter function and the neurophysiological findings in the patients with ADPSP and LUTS

Patient No
BC reflex0000++++0+++++0
Anal reflex+++++++++0++++++
Anocutaneous reflex++++++++++++++++
Anal sphincter function+++++++++++++++
Cutaneous perception2.
BC reflex latency631296112356374445303631
  • BC=bulbocavernosus: 0=absent; +=weak; ++=moderate; +++=normal. Cutaneous perception: normal values: men: median (range) 3.3 (3.0-4.2) mAmp/0.2 ms/2 Hz, women: 2.7 (2.0-3.8) mAmp/0.2 ms/2 Hz. BC latency: normal values: men and women: median (range): 36 (30-40) ms.