Table 3

Correlation of clinical factors with NHP total score and the NHP subdimensions. Regression coefficients, standard error (SEM), t values, p values, and adjusted R2

VariableUnivariate regr coeffMultivariate regr coeffSEMt Valuep ValueAdjusted R2
NHP total score:
MADRS score10.065.230.955.530.0000.54
 Sleep disorders55.3065.66.330.000
 Schwab and England−2.76−1.950.27−7.240.000
 UPDRS motor3.601.630.782.100.037
 Levodopa dose0.
Emotional disorders:
MADRS score1.441.350.160.500.0000.28
MADRS score2.782.270.336.890.0000.30
 UPDRS motor0.810.390.152.680.008
 Levodopa dose0.
MADRS score1.
 Hoehn and Yahr score0.740.630.163.930.000
 Major depression7.0424.473.790.000
Physical mobility:
Schwab and England−1.07−0.960.07−13.10.0000.57
 Sleep disorders4.258.352.950.004
 Levodopa dose0.
Sleep disorders31.5236.312.20.0000.42
 Levodopa dose0.
Social isolation:
MADRS score1.791.190.225.360.0000.34
 Hoehn and Yahr stage1.090.810.145.950.000
 Sleep disorders8.097.242.750.006