Table 1

Clinical features

Neurological signs at onset of lesionRight hemiplegiaRight hemiplegia  AphasiaLeft hemiplegia and  sensory lossRight hemiplegia and
 sensory loss Aphasia
Right hemiplegia
Cause of dystoniaInfarctInfarctHaemorrhageInfarctInfarct
Delay of onset of dystonia6 weeks4 months1 month3 months7 months
Age at onset of dystonia39 y52 y66 y33 y50 y
Age at time of study43 y73 y72 y34 y57 y
Topography of dystoniaHemidystoniaHemidystoniaFocal dystonia:
 right hand
Focal dystonia: right footSegmental dystonia: hand  and forearm
TypeDystonic spasmsDystonic spasmsMyoclonic dystoniaDystonic spasmsDystonic spasms
Neurological signs at time of studyNoneMild hemiparesisMild hemiparesisTactile sensory lossSpastic hypertonia of
 lower limb