Table 2

Imaging results (the lesions are classified for each structure involved according to the ratio (%) between the involved volume and the volume taken by the structure on the atlas of Hassler10)

Lesion volume (mm3)2863899109120488
Putamen (%)30 (Pr + Po Com)3 (Po Com)050 (Po Com)2 (Po Com)
GPi (%)0230011
GPe (%)411703212
Thalamus (%)023 (RN: 68; VA: 28; VLa: 4)96 (CM-Pf: 76; VP: 13; Pv: 11)00
CN (%)19240180
Others (%)10 (IC; EC; AC)10 (IC)4 (HT)075 (IC)
  • GPe= external globus pallidus; GPi=internal globus pallidus; CN=caudate nucleus; IC=internal capsule; AC=anterior commissure; HT=hypothalamus; EC=external capsule; Pr Com=precommissural; Po Com=postcommissural; VA=ventral anterior nucleus; VLa=ventral lateral anterior nucleus; RT=reticular nucleus; VP=ventral posterior nucleus; Pv=pulvinar; CM-Pf=centromedian-parafascicularis nucleus.