Clinical data before onset of treatment with interferon-β1a (Rebif)

PatientAge/ sexDiagnosisOnset of symptomsInitially affected motor nervesDuration of illness(y)Previous treatmentsAnti-GM1 antibodies
139/MMMNUL/D/AL Radial/L Ulnar9IVIg1/Cyclophos (2x)2a/Predn3 +
R RadialCyclophos2b+Predn3/IVIg1+Mpredn4 (1 : 12800)
260/FMMNUL/D/AR Median/L Ulnar8IVIg (3x)1
353/FMMNUL/D/AL Ulnar7 IVIg (2x)1/IVIg1+Mpredn4 +
(1 : 200)
454/MCIDPLL/D>P/SL+R Posterior tibial and peroneal9 IVIg (2x)1/IVIg1+Mpredn4/Predn3/PE5
(1 : 12800)
  • MMN=multifocal motor neuropathy; CIDP=chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy; UL=upper limb; LL=lower limb; D=distal; P=proximal; A=asymmetric; S=symmetric; L=left; R=right; IVIg=intravenous immunoglobulins; Cyclophos=cyclophosphamide; MPredn=methylprednisolone; PE=plasma exchange; 1=0.4 g/kg body weight/day for 5 days; 2a=0.5 g/day intravenously for 14 days; 2b=0.15 g/day orally for half a year;2c=monthly 0.5 g/day orally for 4 days for 6 months;3=60–80 mg/day orally for 6 weeks, thereafter tapering to zero in 6 months; 4=0.5g /day for 5 days; 5=2 exchange sessions (each 2.5 litres plasma)/week for 5 consecutive weeks.