Table 4

Relation between structural volume changes (normalised volume differences between patients and controls) (Spearman’s rank correlation coefficients)

Brain stem
+0.61**p<0.0001 Cerebellum
+0.52**p=0.0011NS UCC
NSNSNS Grey matter
NS+0.344-150p=0.034NSNS White matter
NS+0.364-150p=0.024NS+0.61** p<0.0001+0.55**p=0.0003 Cerebral hemisphere
NS−0.314-150p=0.050NSNS−0.394-150 p=0.013−0.54**p=0.0004 Ventricles
NS+0.394-150p=0.013NSNS+0.57** p=0.0002+0.69**p<0.0001−0.65** p<0.0001 Corpus callosum
  • Shaded areas denote comparisons between infratentorial and supratentorial structures; UCC=upper cervical cord.

  • 4-150 Trend (0.002<p<0.05); **significant after Bonferroni (p<0.002).