Table 4

Incidence of carcinoma according to the type of neuropathy in our series and in several other published series

Type of neuropathy (authors)Number of casesIncidence of carcinoma (%)Follow up (mean value in our study)Commentaries
General population of neuropathies
 Prineaset al 35 2785.4>18 months
 Our study4226.2ND
Guillain-Barré syndrome
 Halls et al 26 296.9>400 days
 Italian study group37 2970.724 months% of death due to carcinoma within 250 days
 Our study4-150 591.7<2 y
 Barhon et al 38 605.0NSThese studies include patients with MGUS of unknown reactivity
 Gorsonet al 39 670Mean 3 y
 Our study4-150 3810.55.7 y (0.5-16)
Vasculitis/mononeuritis multiplex
 Vincentet al 40 5014NSPatients selected from nerve biopsies
 Vincent et al 41 5010NS
 Haratiet al 42 339Mean 18.5 months
 Our study4-150 20102.3 y (0.5-10)
Axonal polyneuropathy of otherwise undetermined cause
 Fagius et al 43 911.0Mean 3.7 y
 McLeodet al 44 4710.6Median 3 y
 Notermans et al 45 755.34.7 yProspective study
 Camerlingo et al 46 5129.4Mean 51.4 monthsProspective study of patients with pure sensory neuropathy
 Our study4-150 6710.33.7 y (0.3-11)4.5% within 2 years after onset
  • ND=not done; NS=not stated; MGUS=monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance.

  • 4-150 Patients with a short latency are taken into account only.