Table 2

The results of the questionnaire and clinical findings of patients with myasthesia gravis with dysphagia

% (n=15)
(A) Complaints:
    Cough during swallowing100
    Feeling of being stuck behind the sternum90
    Nasal regurgitation86
    Feeling of the clean up of mouth72
    Difficulties in bolus formation and control63
    Abnormal posture during swallowing54
(B) Clinical findings:
    Facial weakness80
    Cough during a swallow66
    Saliva accumulation in mouth60
    Weak in voluntary cough60
    Palatal paresis53
    Loss of weight46
    Tongue weakness40
    Slow laryngeal elevation40
    Reduced gag reflex26
    Weakness in chewing muscles20
    Lung infection6