Clinical histories and operative details of patients 2 to 5

Patient SexAge at onset of seizures (y)Seizure type and approximate frequency before surgeryAge at surgery (y)Tumour location and surgical procedureOutcome and duration of follow up
2 Male7Partial (1/week) and generalised seizures (1/week).24Right frontal. Removal of cystic mass (total excision).Only one seizure since surgery. Postoperative EEG shows no epileptiform activity. 2 year follow up
3 Male9Complex partial seizures and generalized seizures (2–3/week).27Left temporal. Lesionectomy; lower middle and inferior temporal gyrus.Seizure free. 18 month follow up.
4 Female6Absence and generalised seizures (2/week).20Left frontal. Subtotal (80%) excision: due to tumour location in motor cortex.Continues to have seizures, although decreased in frequency (2/month). 18 month follow up.
5 Female6Complex partial seizures (5–10/month) and generalised seizures (5/year).41Right frontal. Cystic lesion extending to cortex. Cyst drained and partial resection of tumour.Marked reduction in seizure frequency. 1 year follow up.