Table 1

Evolution of TMD nomenclature

YearNamed syndrome and referencesAbbreviation(s)
1934,1937,1939Costen’s (Costen) syndrome123 None
1948Temporomandibular joint overclosure4 TMJ
1955TM pain-dysfunction syndrome of Schwartz5 6 PDS, TMPDS
1959Temporomandibular joint dysfunction7 TMD
1963Temporomandibular syndrome8 TMS
1969Myofascial pain dysfunction syndrome9 MPD, MPDS
1973Mandibular pain dysfunction syndrome10 MDS
1973Temporomandibular joint pain dysfunction syndrome11 TMJ - PDS
1989Mandibular whiplash12 None
1990Craniomandibular disorder13 CMD
1992TM pain and dysfunction syndrome14 TMPDS
1993TMJ/whiplash15 None