Rank correlation coefficients between parameters studied in 98 patients with head injury

ABP-CCP−0.661-150 −0.5051-150
ICP0.411-150 −0.291-150 −0.22
CPP0.050.521-150 0.381-150 −0.611-150
ABP0.51-150 0.341-150 0.2230.210.601-150
FV−0.19−0.210.3041-150 −0.050.085 0.097
Mx0.08−0.251-150 −0.050.451-150 −0.341-150 0.006 0.051
GCS−0.020.1090.13−−0.02−0.281-150 −0.411-150
  • CCP=critical closing pressure (calculated using first harmonic components of pulse waveforms of blood flow velocity and arterial pressure); ICP= intracranial pressure; ABP=arterial pressure; CPP=cerebral perfusion pressure; FV=blood flow velocity in the middle cerebral artery; Mx=autoregulation index9, calculated as running (over 4 minutes) correlation coefficient between slow waves in FV and CPP; GOS- outcome, dichotomised 1- favourable, 2-unfavourable; GCS=Glasgow coma score on admission.

  • 1-150 Correlation significant at p<0.05; multiple comparison correction has been taken into account.