Table 1

Clinical characteristics of 13 patients with lumbar drain-associated bacterial meningitis

PatientAge (y)Neurological problemPrior surgeriesDrainage duration1-150Concurrent antibioticsOrganism(s)
147SAHNone7No K pneumoniae
569see below1-151 C, L9No P aeruginosa
653SAHV, C3No Actinobacter calcoaceticus
724BSFNone1Nogroup AStreptococcus
884SAHNone1-152 1NoCNS
948SAHV, C1No S aureus
1061SAHV, C1-153 2YesCNS,Corynebacterium species
1125BSFM1Yes Enterobacter cloacae
1242AVMR, L1YesCNS
1350SAHNone6Yes S aureus
  • 1-150 This number does not count the day of lumbar drain placement but does count the day the culture positive sample was taken.

  • 1-151 Patient 5 had a CSF leak after sinus surgery.

  • 1-152 All patients had prior intracranial pressure monitors, except this one.

  • 1-153 Two separate craniotomies.

  • SAH=subarachnoid haemorrhage; BSF=basilar skull fracture; AVM=arteriovenous malformation; V=ventriculostomy; C=aneurysm clipping; L=CSF leak repair; M=repair of mandibular fracture; R=resection; CNS=coagulase negative staphylococci.